Duroil Inner Energy Massage (DIEM) or Urut Batin Duroil is unique. It is a combination of many components that contribute to making the DIEM massage a successful and beneficial activity. When you experience a DIEM massage, we believe that you will experience a good massage that goes beyond skilfully administering time-tested traditional massage techniques.

The true test of an Inner Energy or Urut Batin in malay is that a massage session is that you feel good and rejuvenated; everything else is just icing on the cake.

What is that one vital component that distinguishes a good massage from a great one?

Receiving a massage is a highly personal experience. Accordingly – while sound technique is a prerequisite and ambiance may help – what matters most is the quality of the relationship that exists between you and your therapist.

Without a relationship that is steeped in confidence and trust, other components will at best only be able to produce mediocre results.

Where a good relationship exists between you and your therapist, even the slightest touch is able to yield superlative results.

A DIEM Massage, competence and hygiene are givens – it’s your relationship with your therapist that makes the difference. Come experience a DIEM massage.

Stimulate and rejuvenate your Inner Energy….